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Corruption in Cyprus

Principal Investigator: Dr. Evangelos Konstantelos

Affiliation: Independent Researcher


Aims and Objectives - Summary


The present study will approach corruption through a prism of universality - not of corruption in general, but of the forms, tendencies, propensities and dimensions that entrench it as a factor of attrition and ultimately as a state of the contemporary, postmodern era.


The study will focus on the horizontal and vertical integration of corruption, as formed through the historicity of social and political change. This approach leads to a critical theory, which aspires to seek answers regarding the tendencies of societies to sacrifice part of their freedom, justice, solidarity and morality, by redefining their culture. In the name of economism and unbridled competition, values and moral principles are underplayed, normalizing the rule of might and social automatism that neoliberalism espouses. The normative view of neoliberalism permeates modern societies, creating environments where corrupt administrations thrive.


This socio-historical and philosophical study of corruption and the factors that foster its prevalence, aims to investigate the degree to which corruption is rooted in the Cypriot state. Specifically, the study will: (a) focus on the historicity of governance and governmentality, as well as the ways of exercising power and managing political, social and economic issues in Cyprus; (b) the relationship between governance and corruption; and finally, (c) the factors that promote contemporary “post-corruption”.


This approach aims to highlight any improvements achieved via the quality of governance, which constitutes a necessary condition for a civilized society to tackle corruption effectively. Thus, in addition to the politics of power, this study will investigate the willingness of Cypriot society to face conflicts of interest among power holders. Finally, the study will analyse the types of corruption and aspects of governance, as well as the links between them – aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the phenomenon, which bestows a negative image on the island as regards international indexes on the perception of Corruption.

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