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Giving a New Breath of Life to Nicosia 'Within the Walls'

Principal Investigator: Evangelia Hadjiantoni

Affiliation: Independent Researcher


Aims and Objectives - Summary

The purpose of the research work is to identify the advantages, motivations and prospects of Nicosia "Within the Walls", so that, through a set of transformation processes, the inner city may manage to better serve its population by making its traditional networks and services more efficient. This can be achieved through urban regeneration and the refinement of the urban landscape, as well as through  innovative solutions offered by information and communication technology, energy and environmental formulation of strategic planning, innovative mobility, "green" transport and upgraded water supply.

The ultimate goal of the research work is to submit suggestions regarding:

  •  the promotion of cultural sites of Nicosia "Within the Walls" and the identification of the ways to use them,

  • the creation of neighborhoods / nuclei of culture and ‘creative industries’ (art workshops, publishing houses, etc.),

  • the creation and utilization of infrastructure for technical and vocational training purposes,

  • the promotion of synergies between Municipality -private companies -educational institutions -Research and Innovation Institutions, with the aim of strengthening the transfer of knowledge and technology in the region having the maximum advantage of proximity of the location,

  • the ways to combat xenophobia and build bridges of communication between the "other" and the host community,

  •  the definition of common goals and a common vision between Local Authorities, the Central Government and citizens.

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