The founders and key individuals within Universitas Foundation have been actively involved in the establishment and support of leading knowledge-creation institutions, among which the four universities profiled below.

University of Nicosia Cyprus

Starting in 1980 as a small college (Intercollege), under the directorship of Dr. Nicos Peristianis and the collaboration of other visionaries, this venture quickly developed into one of the most reputable tertiary institutions in Cyprus. In 2007, a part of Intercollege was transformed into the University of Nicosia (UNic), which has kept growing in leaps and bounds. Today the University of Nicosia is the largest university in Cyprus with over 12,000 students, over 100 study programmes and a reputation of excellence in the region and internationally. Dr Peristianis now serves as Chairman of the Founder (EDEX), of the University of Nicosia, while heading Universitas Foundation.​

Galen University BELIZE

Galen University was founded in 2003 through the efforts of Dr. A. Charalambous and the support of Dr N. Peristianis and other visionaries, with the aim of offering quality education to students in Central and Latin America, as well as the wider world. It is based in Belize and it is the Country's first and only independent university. Galen University (GU) has three faculties: Arts, Science and Technology; Business and Entrepreneurship; and Education. It offers Bachelor degree programmes in Accounting, Anthropology, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Science and Criminal Justice, among others. Under the leadership of the President of the Board, Kostas Karanikis, GU has been upgrading itself and is now ready for important new steps of consolidation and further expansion - such as the setting up of a "University Microcity".​

Admiralty University of Nigeria

The Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN) was established as a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) through the joint efforts of Nigeria Navy Holdings and Hellenic Education Nigeria. Universitas Foundation is a member of the latter. The Admiralty University of Nigeria officially opened for academic activities in January 2019 and has been making its first bold steps towards initial consolidation.


The founders of Universitas Foundation have been among the initiators and supporters of this unique online university, catering to the needs of students in developing countries, primarily Africa. Under the directorship of philanthropist N. Nicolaou, it is the leading online and on-campus learning platform offering quality higher education to underserved markets. UNICAF is a global educational organization based in Europe, offering scholarships to eligible candidates to pursue online academic studies with its partner universities in the UK and USA. Additionally, UNICAF offers a number of taught programmes at the UNICAF University campuses.