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 Past Projects

Over the past few years Universitas Foundation has awarded a number of research grants, aiming to aid initial work in promissing areas of research, related to the mission and objectives of the Foundation.

Research grants have already been awarded in the following areas:

  •    Health

  •    Environmental

  •    Legal

  •    Socio-Legal


Filling Prescription

Bovine XenomiRs as a Novel Potential Mechanism for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Initiation and Progression

Tai Chi Class

Novel Protective Effects of Estradiol Metabolites in Alzheimer’s Disease

Healthy Food

The Effects of 12 Months Supplementation of a Formula Containing a Mixture of Omega3 and Omega6 Fatty


Plastic Polluted Ocean

Measuring, Mapping and Mitigating the Effects of Plastic Debris in the Mediterranean


Judge Writing

Sentencing in Criminal Justice System: Towards a Common European Perspective

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