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The Formation of Male Personality Within the Cypriot Family Using a Systemic Psychological Approach

Principal Investigator: Dena Kyriakidou

Affiliation: Independent Researcher


Aims and Objectives - Summary


The major aim of this research is to highlight and explore, through the systemic psychological approach, various aspects of the psychology of Cypriot males, within the context of local family structures. Special emphasis will be given to the dimension of emotional intelligence.


Emotional intelligence refers to the ability of the individual to understand, regulate and correctly perceive the emotions of others and their own. A feature that according to research helps each person individually to create and develop healthy and balanced relationships.

According to previous research, the values, beliefs and attitudes the family fosters, is a key factor in forming and strengthening emotional intelligence.


Sociological research based on previous time periods has shown that the patriarchal system is the stronger feature of Cypriot families. The present study will therefore aim to investigate whether nowadays the values and beliefs of the past continue to affect and may predict the extent of men's emotional intelligence on sensitive social issues, as well as on personal and professional matters.


This study aims to fill a gap in the literature as regards male personalities in a time of transition from a closed, traditional type of society, to a more open and cosmopolitan social system, which puts severe strains on individuals trying to cope in a fast changing and difficult new world.

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